Portfolio Update: A formidable August 2019

 Welcome, MyCrowdlenders! Although technically it’s still summer 🏖️, my holidays are over and I’m back to my 9-to-5 job 😢. This implies summer is over for me. What’s more, even though the temperature is boiling in Barcelona, it has been mostly cloudy these last 2 weeks, so the days are not even suitable for the beach (I need blue skies for that!). Conclusion: I’m completely ready for the autumn to … Read More

Portfolio Update: An incredible July 2019

  Welcome, MyCrowdlenders! It’s summertime 🏖️, everybody is enjoying their holidays 🌊 at the beach 🏝️ or doing some sport 🚵‍♀️ 🏄‍♀️, or maybe traveling the world 🌍✈️. So nobody is at work, and my passive income, well… my passive income has been coming this July as well! 💶 And it’s greater than ever before 📈. My crowdlending and crowdfunding returns have been €517.34, which represents an increase of 5.30% compared to June 2019. … Read More

Portfolio Update: A breathtaking June 2019

Welcome, MyCrowdlenders! And here we are! Finally, the summer has arrived in Barcelona with asphyxiating temperatures and spectacular sun 🌞. Luckily we have a fabulous beach 🏖️🌊 to cool off while passive income continues to grow. June has been a record milestone in my crowdlending and crowdfunding profits: my passive income has been €491.30, which represents an increase of 25.71% compared to May 2019. Thus, in June 2019 I’ve reached 98.26% of my … Read More

Portfolio Update: An astounding May 2019

Welcome, MyCrowdlenders! Finally, June has arrived and brought the bright sun to Barcelona, after a lot of rainy days in May. Really? Am I living in Barcelona or Brussels? 🤨 Lately, I’m a bit confused with the weather, I must admit. Anyway, it’s time for a new update to my crowdlending and crowdfunding portfolio. Another month of excellent results:  my passive income has been €390.82, which makes an increase of  20.35% compared … Read More

Portfolio Update: An astonishing April 2019

Welcome, MyCrowdlenders! Here comes May with rain, wind, but also with lots of sun and flowers everywhere, and it’s time for a new update of my crowdfunding and crowdlending portfolio. The results have been nothing but excellent. I have got a passive income of €324.73, WOW! It’s 50.94% more than what I received in March 2019. Thus, in April 2019 I’ve reached 64.94% of my first goal of €500 per month. Definitively I’ll … Read More

Portfolio Update: A Great March 2019

March has come to an end, spring is finally here, and it’s time to review how my crowdfunding and crowdlending portfolio has performed this month. I have obtained a passive income of €215.13, representing an increase of 63.82% compared to February 2019 (when I got €131.31). Thus, in March 2019 I’ve managed to reach 46.23% of my first goal of €500 per month. I guess I’ll have to push up … Read More