The first month of 2019 has come to an end and it is time to see how my investment portfolio in crowdlending has behaved. I have obtained an income of €77.07, which represents an increase of 71,38% compared to December 2018 (when I got €44.97). Thus, in January 2019 I managed to reach 15.4% of my first goal of €500 per month. I’m getting closer!

The average annualized return for this month is 12.33%, and the total invested amount is €9,948.13 on February 1, 2019. Let’s go into detail!

Month Overview

First, have a look at the summary evolution table:

PlatformInvestmentInitial ValueDepositsReturnBonusFinal Value XIRR
Grupeer2.398,13 €1.950,22 €498,13 €28,53 €- €2.476,88 €15,36%
Swaper1.100,00 €1.127,59 €- €11,43 €- €1.139,02 €11,94%
Robocash1.500,00 €1.526,24 €- €15,32 €- €1.541,56 €11,82%
Mintos1.500,00 €1.538,66 €- €13,99 €0,31 €1.552,97 €10,95%
PeerBerry950,00 €950,23 €- €7,80 €- €958,03 €9,66%
FastInvest1.000,00 €- €1.000,00 €- €- €1.000,00 €N/A
Envestio1.500,00 €- €1.500,00 €- €- €1.500,00 €N/A
TOTAL9.948,13 €7.092,95 €2.998,13 €77,07 €0,31 €10.168,46 €12,33%

At the end of January 2019, I opened positions on two new platforms: FasInvest (with €1,000) and Envestio (with €1,500). It was on 29/01/2019 in both cases, so they have not yet generated any returns. We will see how they behave in successive months.

Analysis of benefits

Crowdlending Returns Chart
Crowdlending Returns Chart

After the small slump that supposed December (income was a -4.68% less than November, basically because of the delay in payments), January brought some gorgeous data. By ordering the table according to the returns obtained in the different platforms, from highest to lowest, we have:

Ranking of Returns January 2019
Ranking of Returns January 2019

Grupeer is the undisputed leader, with 15.36% annual net return, followed by Swaper and Robocash, which offer very similar returns, close to 12%. In fourth place is Mintos, which to my surprise has performed worse than expected, with an internal rate of return close to 11%. Later in this post, we will see why. We find PeerBerry at the end of the table. January was the first full month that I work with this platform, since my first investments were at the beginning of December, and the returns obtained have been only 9.66%. Something disappointing, really. And as we will see later, I do not have much hope that things will improve. I hope to be wrong!

This month I have started to invest in two new platforms very well considered by the Crowdlenders community: FastInvest and Envestio. I’m looking forward to seeing how they behave when they begin generating the first profits.


Once again Grupeer stands out for its excellent performance, generating a total of €28.53. The payments on this platform, for the moment, are always punctual.

Grupeer Income January 2019 chart
Grupeer Income until January 2019

I am so satisfied with Grupeer‘s performance, that in January I increased my investment by €498.13, reaching a total of €2,398.13. This is my overview panel dated 31-01-2019:

My Grupeer investments overview on 27th January 2019
My Grupeer investments overview on 31st January 2019


This platform continues to have serious problems of shortage of loans. Most of the times, when I look at my panel I see there is around 6-10% of my capital that is not invested in any loan because there is no offer. However, its behaviour this month has been very good, placing second with an internal rate of return of 11.94%. I guess this is due to the fact that some loans delayed in previous months have been returned or bought back (using the buyback guarantee) in January. Without that circumstance, the performance would have been much worse. This is Swaper‘s evolution since August 2018:

Intereses obtenidos en Swaper hasta enero de 2019
Swaper Income until January 2019

Here is the summary for January in the overview panel:

Panel General de Swaper a 31-01-2019
My Swaper investments overview on 31st January 2019


From November 19, 2018, Robocash provides all new loans in euros at an annual interest of up to 12%, compared to 14% that had been offered until then. In addition, like all platforms, it experienced a performance slump in December (delayed loans). In spite of everything, the performance in January has been good, and it is placed in a third place with an internal rate of return of 11.82%.

Intereses obtenidos en Robocash hasta enero de 2019
Robocash Income until January 2019

Have a look at the overview panel:

My Robocash investments overview on 31st January 2019
My Robocash investments overview on 31st January 2019

The average interest rate starts to be lower than 14%, due to the November rebate. Its value (13.21%) is significantly higher than what I have calculated (11.82%). This is due to the number of delayed loans: 25.8% of the total as of 01/31/2019. I don’t worry because all the loans come with a buyback guarantee. However, it makes the monthly income fluctuate a lot.


Mintos leaves the top 3 this month. The €13.99 obtained makes an internal rate of return of only 10.95%:

Intereses obtenidos en Mintos hasta enero de 2019
Mintos Income until January 2019

And why? Let’s have a look at the overview panel:

Panel de vista general de Mintos a 31 de enero 2019
My Mintos investments overview on 31st January 2019

Loans that accumulate some type of delay account for 20% of the total, which could explain that the performance this month was lower than usual. If we analyze the statistics of the loans that I have currently purchased on the platform:

Estadísticas de los préstamos en Mintos a 31 de enero de 2019.
Loan statistics purchased in Mintos on 31st January 2019

The weighted average interest of the loans is of 12.88%, which makes me think that the obtained yields will improve in later months. On the other hand, in the chart of loan originators, you can see that I have too many loans concentrated in only 3 companies: Sebo, Varks, and Money. My goal for February is to diversify a bit more, even if it means that the weighted average interest goes down a bit. We will see if I can reach an optimal balance.


The great disappointment of this month has undoubtedly been PeerBerry. Not only has it offered an internal rate of return of only 9.66%, but lately I notice a tremendous shortage of loans. What is more, the interest rate of the offered new loans is getting lower.

Intereses obtenidos en PeerBerry hasta enero de 2019
PeerBerry Income until January 2019

This is the overview panel on 31st January 2019:

Panel de vista general de PeerBerry a 31 de enero 2019
My PeerBerry investments overview on 31st January 2019

More than 24% of all loans are delayed. Some of them will be paid in February, so things will probably improve. I’ll wait a little longer to see the progression of the platform. For now, however, I don’t plan to increase my investments. And If things don’t get better, I’ll consider moving the funds to more profitable platforms.

Until next month!

As I said at the beginning, in January I’ve opened positions in two new platforms: FasInvest (with €1,000) and Envestio (with €1,500). First returns will be effective in February. I will talk about it together with the evolution of my portfolio in February at the beginning of March. Until then, good investments in crowdlending to everyone!

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