It’s been 6 months since I began to think about ways to get passive income to complement my job income, to not having to work forever.

After doing some research among all the options available, I found p2p lending (or crowdlending) platforms and decided to give them a try. Every month since then I’ve invested in some of these platforms and I’m already earning some interesting revenue. 

Today I begin this blog to share my experience and the evolution of my investments, which I hope you find interesting and helpful.

Carlos J.

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  • Hi Carlos,

    Good luck with your journey to financial independence.

    I’m from a little town called Ripoll close to Barcelona but living in The UK for now hehe.

    I will see you on the way to financial independence.

    Nos vemos 😉

    • Thank you Tony! I’ve visited your website and read very interesting entries. Wish you luck as well and hope you reach your million very soon. ¡Saludos!

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