Mintos has been the preferred crowdlending platform in Europe in 2018, and I’m sure it will also perform great in 2019. Do you want to know why? Let’s analyze it in this Mintos Review 2019.

What is Mintos?

Based in Latvia, Mintos is the largest global marketplace for crowdlending, which brings together more than 60 loan originators with more than 100.000 investors from over 70 different countries to offer annual average returns above 11%.

Companies and individuals within and outside of Europe are eligible to participate on the Mintos platform. The only requirements are ID verification and a bank account in the European Union or in any other country considered to have anti-money Laundering systems equivalent to the EU.

More than € 1.609.427.536 loans have been already funded in the 4 years they have been operating, and the amount is steadily growing every month.

Mintos has won some AltFi’s awards in recent years and is considered the most trustful crowdlending platform for many investors.

Mintos Awards
Mintos Awards

Most loans on Mintos come with a buyback guarantee, clearly marked with a yellow badge. Buybacks on Mintos are put into effect after a loan is overdue by 60 days, and both remaining principal and accrued interests are paid out, including those interests generated during the overdue days.

That doesn’t mean there is no risk but transfers it from the borrower to the loan originator. So, you don’t have to worry about every borrower in your portfolio, but only about the loan originator.

At the time of writing, there were a total of 161.576 loans available in the Mintos marketplace to invest in and 161.411 of them came with a buyback guarantee. That makes 99,89%!

Personally, I only invest in loans that come with a buyback guarantee. Let’s continue with my Mintos Review 2019.

Overall Information Table

Here is a short quick list of the main features that Mintos has to offer:

Headquarters Riga, Latvia
Launching date January 2015
Loans funded so far € 1.609.427.536
Registered investors 106.604
Available currencies EUR, GBP, CZK, DKK, GEL, KZT, MXN,
Loan type Agricultural Loans, Business Loans
Invoice Financing, Mortgage Loans
Personal Loans, Pawnbroking Loans
Car Loans, Short-term Loans
Average NAR 11,70%
Minimum inversion € 10
Offered interest rates 5 % – 18,5 %
Buyback Guarantee YES (in selected loans)
Autoinvest YES
Secondary Market YES
Loans Shortage NO
Fees € 0
Overall Rating Mintos Review 2019 2
Welcome Bonus YES
(1% of the invested amount in the 90 first days using the link below)

My Mintos Portfolio

I’ve been investing in Mintos since 24/08/2018, and nowadays is my favorite platform together with Grupeer. Mintos is easy to use, has lots of loans to invest in (not all the platforms can be proud of this point), and offers a powerful auto-invest feature that works perfectly.

My personal net return is 11.20%, and the net average return across the platform is 11.70%.

My Mintos portfolio, 27/01/2019
My Mintos portfolio, 27/01/2019


  • Huge diversification in loan types, countries and loan originators.
  • Huge Loan Book. There should never be any cash drag with Mintos loans, especially if you invest in Euros.
  • Very good returns, over 12%.
  • Most loans come with a buyback guarantee.
  • Investments from just 10 euros.
  • Very active secondary market to quickly sell your loans if necessary.
  • Easy to set auto-invest strategies.
  • Support in seven languages: English, Spanish, Russian, German, Polish, Czech and Latvian.
  • Cashback promotions.


  • The huge number of options and loan originators can seem overwhelming for beginners. But it’s quite easy, indeed!
  • Loans in certain currencies (CZK and GBP in particular) can be hard to find.
  • Investing in a foreign currency can have it’s own inherent risks if it falls against your home currency. Personally, I only invest in EUROS.

Mintos Review: Final Conclusion

Mintos is a huge platform, and maybe the most preferred crowdlending investing site, bringing loans to the marketplace through loan originators from multiple countries around the world. Most of the loans come with a buyback guarantee, and its biggest plus is all the options you have for diversifying your investments.

I wouldn’t recommend you using only one platform for investing in crowdlending. But in case you could choose one, or if you are just starting out with one, consider Mintos as your go-to P2P lending platform. They have a really well working site and good support as well. Combined with the generous cashback campaigns, Mintos is a must-have in your peer-to-peer portfolio.

If you want to invest in Mintos, please register using this exclusive link.
You will get a 1% cashback of the invested amount in the 90 first days,
and you will help me to keep this blog online.

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