Portfolio Update: an interesting February 2020

Welcome, MyCrowdlenders! The second month of the year is over, and it’s time for a new review of my crowdlending and crowdfunding investments. As I told you in previous updates of my portfolio, I decided to rebalance my investments among the different platforms to lower the risk. Let’s see what changes I’ve made! Crowdfunding and Crowdlending Portfolio: Month Overview Below you can find the chart showing the evolution of my … Read More

Portfolio Update: January 2020

Welcome, MyCrowdlenders! As everyone might know by now, the year has begun with the vanishing of two crowdlending platforms, that have convulsed the European P2P market. Kuetzal and Envestio just disappeared and, allegedly, the money of its investors disappeared with them. The estimated figures are 8 million EUR for Kuetzal and 31 million EUR for Envestio. Estonian police made the following announcement on 31st January, stating they are conducting two … Read More

Portfolio Update: November and December 2019

Welcome, MyCrowdlenders! First of all, let me wish you a fantastic 2020! I hope this new year brings happiness, good investment decisions in crowdlending and crowdfunding, and great profits to us all! Are you ready for a new portfolio update? The end of 2019 has been really busy for me: too much work and very little time. That’s why I wasn’t able to publish a portfolio update for November. But … Read More

Portfolio Update: My money works for me also in October 2019

Welcome, MyCrowdlenders! A new update of my crowdlending and crowdfunding portfolio is out, and I must say this month you will find both lights and shadows… Although the overall performance is, without any doubt, on the right track and my money keeps growing month after month, some platforms are having poorer performance than expected. Crowdestate, Mintos and Reinvest24 are the black sheep this month. Fortunately, the excellent performance of all … Read More

Portfolio Update: A formidable August 2019

 Welcome, MyCrowdlenders! Although technically it’s still summer 🏖️, my holidays are over and I’m back to my 9-to-5 job 😢. This implies summer is over for me. What’s more, even though the temperature is boiling in Barcelona, it has been mostly cloudy these last 2 weeks, so the days are not even suitable for the beach (I need blue skies for that!). Conclusion: I’m completely ready for the autumn to … Read More

Portfolio Update: An incredible July 2019

Welcome, MyCrowdlenders! It’s summertime 🏖️, everybody is enjoying their holidays 🌊 at the beach 🏝️ or doing some sport 🚵‍♀️ 🏄‍♀️, or maybe traveling the world 🌍✈️. So nobody is at work, and my passive income, well… my passive income has been coming this July as well! 💶 And it’s greater than ever before 📈. My crowdlending and crowdfunding returns have been €517.34, which represents an increase of 5.30% compared to June 2019. Therefore, in … Read More

Portfolio Update: A breathtaking June 2019

Welcome, MyCrowdlenders! And here we are! Finally, the summer has arrived in Barcelona with asphyxiating temperatures and spectacular sun 🌞. Luckily we have a fabulous beach 🏖️🌊 to cool off while passive income continues to grow. June has been a record milestone in my crowdlending and crowdfunding profits: my passive income has been €491.30, which represents an increase of 25.71% compared to May 2019. Thus, in June 2019 I’ve reached 98.26% of my … Read More

Portfolio Update: An astounding May 2019

Welcome, MyCrowdlenders! Finally, June has arrived and brought the bright sun to Barcelona, after a lot of rainy days in May. Really? Am I living in Barcelona or Brussels? 🤨 Lately, I’m a bit confused with the weather, I must admit. Anyway, it’s time for a new update to my crowdlending and crowdfunding portfolio. Another month of excellent results:  my passive income has been €390.82, which makes an increase of  20.35% compared … Read More

Portfolio Update: An astonishing April 2019

Welcome, MyCrowdlenders! Here comes May with rain, wind, but also with lots of sun and flowers everywhere, and it’s time for a new update of my crowdfunding and crowdlending portfolio. The results have been nothing but excellent. I have got a passive income of €324.73, WOW! It’s 50.94% more than what I received in March 2019. Thus, in April 2019 I’ve reached 64.94% of my first goal of €500 per month. Definitively I’ll … Read More