Who I am

An engineer seeking financial freedom


My name is Carlos and I live in Barcelona, Spain. I’m a 42 years old Telecommunications Engineer. I’ve been investing in crowdlending (also known as peer 2 peer lending) platforms since August 2018.

My goals

My first goal is to earn €1000 per month thanks to passive income, that is, by doing (almost) nothing. I’m quite far from that amount right now, but I’m completely sure I’ll reach my goal in a few years.

(Updated July 2019)

In July 2019 I exceeded the goal of € 500 per month in passive income from crowdlending and crowdfunding. So I changed my goal: my current goal is to get € 1,000 per month in passive income!


Since right now interests given by banks is almost zero, I looked for an alternative way to invest my money, but comprising a low risk. I heard about crowdlending platform, did some deep research, and decided to invest in some of them. Since then, every month I’ve been receiving interests which I re-invest.

This blog

I’ve decided to share my experiences with passive income all through my journey to financial independence. Every month I will document my investment progress: the invested amount, where exactly do I invest, my successes and my losses. The good, the bad and the ugly. As well as everything I’m learning in the meanwhile.


All the information on this blog is just my personal experiences and opinions, and is just for information purposes and should not be considered recommendation nor advice to invest.
I’m an engineer, not a financial expert, so I’m not providing financial advice. Nothing on this website should be considered as such.
The information provided may be out of date and/or inaccurate. The returns shown are not necessarily indicative of true future performance. If in doubt about whether investing in P2P lending/crowdlending platforms is suitable for you, always seek expert independent financial advice.