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And thank you for your visit. In this personal blog, I will be documenting my journey to financial independence by investing in crowdlending and crowdfunding platforms. What are crowdlending and crowdfunding and why are they an excellent source of passive income? Keep on reading!

Motivation: Why I began investing in crowdlending and crowdfunding

Tired of leaving my money sleeping in the bank, in August 2018 I began exploring alternative investments to get some decent returns. I wanted a perfect balance between risk and returns, and I discovered crowdlending platforms and, shortly later,  crowdfunding platforms. Don’t you know what crowdlending and crowdfunding are? I explain it here.

Financial Freedom investing in Crowdlending and crowdfunding

Like any other investment option, crowdlending and crowdfunding have an inherent risk. Obviously, it is safer to leave your money in a bank deposit. The bad news is that nowadays bank deposits interest rates are just ridiculous. In the European Union, current bank deposits interest range from 0.25% to 1.5%, depending on the country, the amount of money, and the duration of the deposit. In fact, because of inflation, if you decide not to make any kind of investment, you will be losing money. Do yourself a favor and begin to invest!

As an example, I had € 100,000 in bank deposit at 0,40% for 13 months, and I was getting the ridiculous amount of 33€/month. For € 100,000! Insane.

Passive Income

Since I don’t have much free time, another of my requirements while looking for an investment alternative was that it didn’t require much time. Ideally, I wanted something that was a really passive way of income. That is passive income: a regular monthly income that you earn doing (almost) nothing. More or less like a bank deposit, but with a little bit of risk and a lot more of return. Here, you can find a complete Wikipedia explanation of passive income.

This Blog

At the end of 2018, I decided it would be a good idea to document my progress to financial independence by writing a personal blog. In the beginning, I was a little bit reluctant to invest in crowdlending and crowdfunding. They are quite new, and most platforms are located far away in the Baltic Republics. I had to read a lot of news, reviews, and blogs, as well as doing some deep research before I dare to make my first deposit. I would like to share all the experience I’ve gained in the last months, in order to help other people to make their money grow.

Please feel free to explore my blog. You will find reviews of my favorite crowdlending and crowdfunding platforms, blog entries explaining my progress in this journey to financial independence, and also a detailed view of my current investment portfolio in all platform. I hope you find it useful and may you decide to pursue your financial independence as well.


Please keep in mind that this is a personal blog. I don’t give financial advice, nor make any recommendation for you to invest in any crowdlending or crowdfunding platform. It’s just my personal experience with them, and it is just for information purposes and should not be considered advice to invest. If in doubt about whether investing in P2P lending/crowdlending platforms is suitable for you, always seek expert independent financial advice.

Finally, you will see some of my posts may contain affiliate links, but all my opinions are 100% honest and unbiased.  

My progress towards financial independence using Crowdlending and Crowdfunding

In the following progress bars you will find, month by month, how much passive income have I earned since I started this blog. Every bar represents how close I am to my goals. Stay tuned!

Beginning July 2019, my new goal is earning €1,000/month in passive income from crowdlending and crowdfunding. This is my progress so far:
September 2019
€ 592.64 59.2%
August 2019
€ 729.02 72.9%
July 2019
€ 517.34 51.73%

Second goal: € 1,000/month



Update: In July 2019 I got my first goal!

My first goal was to earn € 500/month in passive income from crowdlending and crowdfunding. It took me seven months to achieve it. In July 2019 I doubled my goal!
June 2019
€ 491,30 98.26%
May 2019
€ 390,82 78.16%
April 2019
€ 324.73 64.94%
March 2019
€ 215.13 46.23%
February 2019
€ 131.31 26.26%
January 2019
€ 77.07 15.4%

First goal: € 500/month

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